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Lose weight with LINEAVI‘s Slimming Diet Plan

LINEAVI actives your metabolism without starving your body. Choose a smart and efficient diet. With the four phases of the LINEAVI Slimming Diet Plan, you will soon reach your ideal weight. Discover our advice on following the diet by downloading our slimming guide here or directly in your drugstore! You will find balanced recipes, delicious protein shakes and weight loss tips specifically developed by our nutritionists!

1. The attack phase

Your metabolism is modified to boost the fat-burning process efficiently!

Three LINEAVI meals per day, each prepared with water and a teaspoon of high-quality vegetable oil. During this phase, you can also have vegetable broth between LINEAVI meals. The neutral taste of LINEAVI allows you to alternate all kinds of pleasures (cinnamon, vanilla…). Our recipes and recommendations are available in the shake section. . In this phase, it is important to help your body reset its metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to drink 2 to 3 liters of water every day.

2. The adaptation phase

Fat burning processes are activated!

Two LINEAVI meals and a light and balanced lunch every day. The recipes for the main course should be low in carbohydrates, so that the fat burning process can function properly. If your schedule is restrictive, it is possible to switch lunch and dinner. However, it is important to keep away from carbohydrate-rich foods for dinner such as pasta, rice, potatoes and bread. A low carbohydrate intake has a positive effect on weight loss. That rule applies to dinners during the other phases of the diet as well.

3. The consolidation phase

Your metabolism is now kept at a high speed and can function at its best.

The goal of this phase is to stabilize the metabolism’s high activity. Only one of the daily meals is replaced by LINEAVI and the other two are carefully prepared following our LINEAVI diet recipes. If necessary, it is possible to switch the meals around and try one of our delicious breakfast recipes. Lunch or dinner will then be replaced by a LINEAVI meal. Best results are observed when the LINEAVI meal is taken for dinner.

4. The stabilization phase

During the stabilization phase, it is recommended to follow our LINEAVI diet recipes for the 3 meals. To keep a running metabolism, or to make up for a heavy meal, simply replace one meal by a glass of LINEAVI or simply add 50g of LINEAVI to your breakfast. The goal of recipes is to help you maintain your weight, or if need be, promote further weight loss.