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What exactly does LINEAVI consist of?

LINEAVI is a hypocaloric meal replacement in the form of a powder which, through its unique formula, promotes weight loss. The LINEAVI slimming diet plan boosts the metabolism enabling the fat-burning process without jeopardizing muscle mass. Nearly half of its energy value comes from high-quality protein. LINEAVI is also rich in fiber as well as essential vitamins and minerals. The unique combination of natural ingredients such as lactose-free whey protein, soy, rice, honey and peas makes LINEAVI a remarkable ally to shed the few extra-pounds.

Did you select your slimming program? And, did you find a couple of recipes you like? Then let LINEAVI help you get back in shape in a healthy and sustainable way!

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LINEAVI is an efficient weight-loss alternative

Knowing how to lose weight: a national stake

According to the OECD, 40% of the French population is overweight or obese. Despite numerous awareness-raising campaigns, the numbers are alarmingly increasing. By 2020, 45% of the adult population would be affected.) The leading cause of obesity is an imbalance between caloric intake and combustion, i.e. an excessive consumption of foods rich in fat and simple carbohydrates combined with a sedentary lifestyle, due to the escalation in sitting position jobs and the increasing urbanization. To this day, many fad-diets promoting fast weight loss exist, most of them leading to rebound weight gain once the diet is over: the dreaded yo-yo effect. No matter the diet chosen, if the root causes of the weight gain are not dealt with, for instance switching from poor eating habits to a healthier lifestyle, long-term weight-loss maintenance will not be achieved. That is why LINEAVI offers a multidirectional approach.

Shed the few extra-pounds with LINEAVI

LINEAVI was specifically designed for women and men seeking to make long-lasting changes to get back in shape. The LINEAVI meal replacement contains only 205 calories and is to be used within a hypocaloric diet to lose weight or combined with a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight. The LINEAVI powder is elaborated to speed-up the metabolism and prevent muscle atrophy during weight loss. To obtain the best possible results, our team of nutritionists have established a Slimming Diet Plan. Split into 4 phases, the Slimming Diet Plan serves as a guideline with valuable advice and selected recipes combining balance and taste. LINEAVI is available only in drugstores. Why? No matter the need or the therapeutic indication for weight loss: slimming requires your pharmacist’s advice.
Regain confidence and joie de vivre with LINEAVI Overweight and obesity have many negative impacts. Aesthetical ones of course, but also impacts on one’s well-being and social integration. Obesity also leads to health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2-diabetes, high cholesterol, etc… These disorders often come with a diminished life quality and expectancy. LINEAVI not only helps you sustainably shed the extra pounds, but also regain your vitality and well-being. LINEAVI is rich in 100% natural protein with high nutritional value. Its complete dietary intake in vitamins, essential minerals, the presence of prebiotics and probiotics and its low glycemic index (honey, stevia) prevent any deficiencies and fatigue during the diet. Muscle mass is preserved, the body’s natural defenses boosted.

Get a flat stomach with LINEAVI?

Of course, LINEAVI does not guarantee a flat stomach to each and everyone. That requires regular physical activity as well as targeted toning exercises. Participation in physical activity not only helps in the slimming process, but plays an important part in body tonicity. Our nutritionists’ advice: Start your fight against excess fat with the help of LINEAVI, follow our Slimming Diet Plan and rediscover new balanced eating habits without excess or deprivation through our healthy recipes. LINEAVI, the best way to feel better everyday.